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Childfree Dating Montgomery AL


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I've never had any regrets and must have not come equipped with the mythical biological clock. And that for me fills the very human need to have an indelible impact on the world. Here, then, is a selection of the most representative and striking stories, very lightly copy-edited but childfree as submitted—and you can share dating own here or it to us as dailybeastsubmit gmail. I was in that first generation to take birth-control pills.

I suppose the fact that I worked with middle schoolers every year may have taken some of the edge off of any maternal instincts I may have had. At 34, I currently have no plans to have children. I like children I'll be the cool, hip Montgomery to my sibling's kids, or godmother to friend's. Our social lives suffered badly we're not organized religion followers either.

I knew that babies weren't just fun and cute. I didn't want to re-live it, this time in the role of mother rather than. My husband would have had children, but it didn't really matter to him. But also I have always bristled at the idea that having is the most important thing I could ever do. Having children is a lifetime commitment and the most serious one anybody can make.

Although I was fortunate to not have to deal with substance abuse, I had experienced the uncertainties of living with those who do. When I grew up and realized humans are causing mass extinction, I got cats instead and now devote my spare time to the "Fanged Wilds and Women Program. A few years into our marriage I had a vasectomy because my wife was having health issues related to birth control pills.

The decision is deeply personal with a lot invested, emotionally, on whatever side of the fence you happen to be on. Thanks to the minimal role religion played in my childhood and the comprehensive sex education I received in public school, I always knew that having children was a choice and not an inevitability.

Many viewed raising as a ificant choice, rather than simply what happens in the course of sex after marriage, and suggested that it was people who had children causally who were in fact selfish or irresponsible.

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That last part is where the rift begins and ends. My mother has never indicated to me that she's upset about never becoming a grandmother, nor have other relatives.

Myself, I remember deciding when I was about 13 or so. Procreators believe, in their bones, that they are in the right, and any other decision is wrong. My mother helped me get started on the birth control pill in high school to treat a medical issue, although I was abstinent throughout high school and college. I do all of that through my work—it is all-consuming, and self-sacrificing and tiring and I work on things with lasting implications that will make a difference for lots of people.

Plenty of other women love kids, so they can keep on having them. I just see it as a losing battle on the way to an eventual future straight out of the movie Idiocracy. Based on how much the bank makes me pay back a month, I have no money for an apartment, a car, groceries, or any frivolous items.

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I think I could raise children well, that's not the issue. Children deserve parents who want them. Senior Editor, Opinion. Yes, pregnancy freaks me out, yes, I like my current levels of disposable income and time, yes I don't want to be defined first and foremost as a mother. I was determined to stop that genetic factor with me and not pass it on. My husband has no interest in having children either.

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My wife and I are childless by choice. I am 65, so I probably don't fit the demographic you are looking for, but since it was so unusual to make that decision in my child-bearing years I thought I would share anyway. Thankfully, Both sides of our family are perfectly happy with our decision.

I'm 38, born and raised in Wyoming, and the only child of two white-collar professional parents one with a PhD. My wife is 34, born and raised in Georgia with two brothers, and her parents own their own blue-collar business.

I decided at 15 that I'd like to adopt one kid of every race, to have a rainbow house. I was born into an alcoholic family, and it was clear to me then that it was somehow genetic. I took the pill for over a decade and then got an IUD. I have never been pregnant or even had a scare, and am grateful I always had access to contraception.

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My extended family is wonderful but the nuclear family was nothing but drama, resentment, financial strain, and unhappiness for everybody. While I deeply love my husband of 47 years, I soon realized that our approaches to family life would not be the same. There's a whole subculture around being childless.

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I'd be happy filling a house up with pets, those can be my. I also think the fact that I had a sister 13 years younger also had an impact. I don't like babies or toddlers, I don't find them cute or have any desire to interact with them.

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But those were not the most ificant reasons that I made a conscious decision to not bear children. I never wanted that life for myself. A few writers brought up foster care and adoption, and many more wrote about the cats and dogs in their care. As for the decision, my wife just says that she "always knew" with no specific time or reason. I also never had a positive experience with the nuclear family.

From my perspective it was just the way things were, and I knew I had a choice. Both my friends with and without children are accepting of my life choices, as I am of theirs.

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There are no real steps to ensure being childless But the same thing that protects against STD's is rather effective with limiting procreation as well. I never really thought about that. That is not the environment to raise in. I never had a desire to have children. My name is Veronica.

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That being said, even if I was better off, I will not bring children into this world. It's like any other hot-topic debate, abortion, gun rights, politics and religion. I'm 34, I'm married, and I'm a registered nurse. I was an educator, and by the time I was 35—when you "had" to decide in those years—I was well into the hour work weeks that would continue through my career. I just want to live my life for me, or together with a spouse. We are now both white-collar workers IT and healthcareprobably on the lower end of what used to be the middle class.

I think a lot of people have children because they're hungry to fully invest themselves in something that matters, that has lasting implications, that will make a difference. I don't like it when people and the media imply I'm not doing my job. I know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, there are good parents out there who are raising kids that will be a positive force in the world to come.

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I am far more than a baby factory. I'm no choice but to live in my parent's basement working a call-center job that's always desperate for breathing bodies. To link directly to any single story, just click anywhere in the gray box surrounding each one. Even people who are medically incapable are given the "shame on you" treatment. My parents divorced when I was in kindergarten and I saw how much my mother hated the drudgery of caring for children on her own. My personal life has changed, gotten better with a partner who shares my outlook, but neither of us would willingly bring a life into this world which we both feel has become a worse place to live than when we were.

Our relationship is like many of my generation. No problemand none of the stupid "but why? We have a dog, and they call themselves "Dogparents" in the Grandparents fashion.

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