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See also Butterfield, Englishman and his History88— More Share Options. Related research People also read lists articles that other readers of this article have read. Advanced search. Articles with the Crossref icon will open in a new tab. Butterfield and M. Green and C. Another colleague from the LSE days, Elie Kedourie, didn't go as far as Manning in emphasising internationalism, but he did note the close connections Wight had with one of the doyens of that set of beliefs, Arnold J.

See E. As Jeffery shows, Anderson's uncompromising brand of empiricism left a lasting impression on Bull and his approach to the social sciences, distancing him - and others trained by Anderson, like Coral Bell - from Wight's philosophical idealism.

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Butterfield, The Englishman and his History Cambridge, Butterfield, Englishman and his History Hall, International Thought of Martin Wight Toynbee, World and the West1—3. See the various clippings of his articles in Wight MS Hall, International Thought of Martin Wight65— Wight, Four Seminal Thinkers Butterfield, Christianity and History. Toynbee and F. There are a of works on Butterfield, but the best is M. On the lessons of Whiggism for international relations, see I.

Butterfield, Christianity and History ; H. Butterfield, History and Human Relations London, Butterfield, Liberty in the Modern World Toronto, Wight reviewed this book in International Affairsxxix, no. People also read Recommended articles Cited by. Carr and H. Morgenthau stand out as the other exceptions, both having received very extensive attention over the past twenty years.

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On the WCC and its role in post-war debates over human rights, see J. For the wider context, see R. Beer and R. On this issue, see also T. Arthur Lewis, C. Legum, M. Scott, and M. Wight, Attitude to Africa Harmondsworth, See also A. See, for example, his review of B. See especially M. Wight, International Theory—1. On Manning, see H. See also H. That Bull had trouble wrestling with both topics is evident from the letters he wrote and received during the process of writing the introduction for Systems of States.

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These are collected in Wight MS On Bull's hostility to Wight's Christian beliefs, see also E. Long and P. See also N. Wight was more frank in his assessments of contemporary work on international relations in unpublished seminar papers and lectures and in published book reviews, of which he wrote many. It argues instead that Wight was deeply concerned with the practice of international relations, as well as the theory, and sought repeatedly to find and use different means to influence British foreign policy and world politics more generally.


This article argues that this interpretation is mistaken. Porter Oxford,3. See, inter aliaC. See Jackson, Global Covenantas well as A. Recommended articles lists articles that we recommend and is powered by our AI driven recommendation engine.

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s Published online: 04 Apr Keywords: Martin Wight Whiggism Western values traditions international theory. On Carr, see, for example, M. Cox edE. Jones, E. Haslam, The Vices of Integrity: E. Carr, — London, On Morgenthau, see C. Frei, Hans J.

Morgenthau and the Jewish Experience Lanham, ; M. Neacsu, Hans J. Scheuerman, Morgenthau Cambridge, ; and M. Morgenthau New York, Wight and B. Porter Leicester, See especially T. Linklater and H. See, for example, K. See D. Wight, Systems of Statesed. Notes 1.

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Bull Leicester,1—20; H. Beshoff and C. There is a great deal of evidence to suggest that Wight grew increasingly unhappy with the three traditions towards the end of the s and that he abandoned them in the early s. Cited by lists all citing articles based on Crossref citations. Martin Wight is often regarded as a disengaged historian of international thought who avoided commentary on contemporary events and shunned opportunities to contribute to discussion over policy.

For a good summary of Butterfield's views on this subject, see Kenneth B. Butterfield to Wight, 14 Aug. Wight also acknowledged this in his dispute with Jerrold over Toynbee's World and the West. Wight, International Theory See especially H. Butterfield, Christianity and History London,17— Thompson, Masters of International Thought Wight, Power Politics Hall, International Thought of Martin Wight32—3.

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Ian Hall Correspondence ian. To that end, it concentrates on one particular effort: Wight's attempt to construct a set of Whig or Western values that he believed should guide the conduct of practitioners.

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